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E-Mail Message Body

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At the bottom of an e-mail message, there is usually some added material. Though it's technically part of the body (the e-mail standards make a distinction between headers and body, but not trailers), this part is generally not typed by the sender as part of the message; it's added in by the mail program or by one of the servers the message passes through before it reaches its destination. Here's some information on these trailers and how they're used and abused.

  • Signature Blocks -- The stuff you put at the bottom of a message to identify yourself.

  • Ads -- The stuff free mail providers put at the bottom of your messages trying to sell junk.

  • Disclaimers -- The stuff lawyers get companies to put at the bottom of their messages for no good reason.

Next: When you reply to a message, you normally include quotes from the message you're replying to. Here's how to do it, and notes on some of the debates that arise on the subject. Information on message forwarding is also in this section.

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